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33 - The 33rd degree is the heighest degree in the masonic order, of which there are ancient teachings that are represented by the equation:

11x3 = 33

11:11 - The Gateway of the Pyramids, Ziggaurats
11:11 + 11 = Passage through the Gate and Passers through

11+11+11 = 33

33 is divisible by 11, 33, 1, 3

11+ 11 + 11 = 33


33 - Myth - Math - Metaphors - Masons

Friday - October 1, 2004

For the next 33 days - focus will be on the 2004 presidential election.

Last night's debate between Bush & Kerry was focused on the war in Iraq. Though most Americans are opposed to the ongoing war - it is all part of a Master Plan that leads back to the Middle East - Iraq - The Cradle of CiviliZation - bringing our experience here full circle. We live in Drama Central - Prime Time - Linear Time!

33 Days - 33 Degrees All things are created by degree as our reality is created by sacred geometry.

33 is a double digit - giving it greater power - and is linked to the Old World Orders by exact degree - in the Great Plan - connected by grid points - 'gridlock' to the Freemasons.

We live in a Masonic program - the final outcome not in the hands of the characters in the script - but in the creators. Are we the creators? Not in 3D...

Thursday night when the first 90 minute debate took place - it was Friday in many parts of the world - Iraq included - 33 days until the election.

What is meant by New World Order is the return of the Souls to Source - One - Symbolozied on the dollar bill - The Great Seal and the Dollar Bill - the Eye of Horus - Resurrection and Rebirth - the Eye - I - the evolution of consciousness and thought - the end of Linear Time - Linear=Parallel Lines of Experience - 11:11 - Twin Spiraling DNA - Twin Towers - Ground Zero - '0' - Completion - Return to Zero Point

It's been an interesting 'run' ... but alas all things are quickly spiraling upward/forward so we can assimilate and process the totality of what we have experienced in all levels of our soul awareness. 2005 will bring many of us to that point - way above the healing grid in thought and consciousness vibration.

Websites linked to 33 Degrees

Fusion Anamoly - Freemasons - 33 degrees
[This is a great website to wonder/wander through. Please check it out. You'll find other things as the site is extensive.]

David Icke 33 Degree Masons "Only the princes of Masonry shall know the true knowledge."
[I see this as the bloodline - those here to bring enlightenment and closure - those whose DNA is activated to this end and know their mission and with that the coming changes. Does Icke mean the true knowledge or the tree knowledge or are they one and the same?]

Masons & Other Occultists Rever The Number Baghdad is located on 33 North Parallel. Babylon was the first known city established and is on the 33 parallel.
[That resonates somewhere in my soul memory. Parallel=balance. I don't believe that Satan is coming. These are metaphors for the duality of reality - and the duality that exists within each of us - trying to establish a new order of consciousness]

33 degrees - Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
[Didn't many people predict an assassination attempt - or success - on Bush - as he was elected in a year ending with '00'? I never saw that fate for Bush. He remains ... and plays out his roles - another puppet in the game - pulling strings - strings=harmonics].

At the end of the day - at the end of time - the secrets of those who set up the program based on Myth, Math and Metaphor - the Architect of it all and Creator of the Blueprint of this reality - Z - Thoth - brings us this message ....

All is projected illusion in the games of 33

Remember the Magic - Illusion - Flying Carpet - Twin Flames - Black & White Merge




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